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My name is Kazi Ahmed, and I love design.

I specialize in making ideas happen. Creating innovative content and delivering it to the right audience through Digital Platforms is my passion.

Google and Hootsuite certified Digital Marketing specialist with a background in Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Motion Graphics, and Video production.

Like every other Clark Kent, when I am not working, I am a Gamer, Streamer, YouTuber and a Couch Musician.

Graphic Design

I am an advanced user of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with over 10 years of experience in graphic design for print, digital and broadcast media.

I’ve worked on various projects including Digital Design, Print Design, Programmatic Advertisement Design, Social Media Content, Web Design, and Motion Graphics Design.

Web Design & Development

I have been working as a front end WordPress developer and I am an expert in Divi Builder.

I’ve designed custom Responsive websites from scratch including WooCommerce Integration, Memberpress Integration, Custom Pods, E-commerce Platform Design, Yoast SEO and Keyword optimization, etc.

Motion Graphics & Animation

I am an advanced user of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro with over 3 years of experience in Motion Graphics, Video Editing, and Animation digital and broadcast media.

I have worked on various projects involving After Effects based motion graphics animation and have edited video content for social media.

UX/UI Design

To upgrade my design sense and improve my User Interface design skills, I’ve recently been studying advanced UX design.

I’ve worked on various Web and App design projects, and have a knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction and Agile work process. I have experience in designing wireframes, low-mid-high fidelity prototypes, and user interactions.

Social Media Marketing

I am a Hootsuite Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist. I have managed Social Media for businesses and public figures.

My work included Creating content for Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Boosting content, running Ad Campaigns and Evaluating and Optimizing based on Analytics.

Video Production

I have worked on various personal projects for my YouTube Channel and I have also collaborated with businesses and professionals in different commercial projects.

I have experience with operating Video Cameras and Lighting Equipment. Editing videos in Premiere Pro and adding Motion Graphics in After Effects was also part of the job.


I am the founder and content creator on my YouTube Channel pixelsncodes.

I create different kinds of content including Tutorials, Vlogs, Gameplays, and Reviews. Most of the content is related to technology, and some related to international students in Canada.

Interested in my work?

Contact me today to discuss ideas and let me help you make those ideas happen. I am open to new opportunities and projects.

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Alex Johnston

Internet Operations Director | Aberdeen Publishing

Kazi is a very talented graphic designer. Kazi took on Web Development with an eagerness to learn. He has developed quite the skill set in matching his design talents with website building and design. Kazi is very much a team player and would be eager to volunteer for tasks over and above his current tasks. I would recommend Kazi to any organization that can appreciate his talents

Julio Viskovich

Marketing Instructor | Thompson Rivers University

Kazi was one of my most engaged and talented students in a variety of topics including advertising, graphic design, website design, social media, and photography. His work ethic is second to none, and since his transition into the marketing industry we remain, partners, and learn from each other. Any marketing organization would be lucky to have him and would make an excellent team leader at any organization because of his diverse knowledge, innovative thinking and leadership skills.

Himax Patel

Digital Advertising Specialist | KTWDigital

Kazi is a good colleague to work with, he is highly skilled in graphic designing, video production, and web designing. He is a quick learner and is also motivated to learn new things with great curiosity. His hard work and passion is a rear combination to find.

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